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Skelwith Fold Caravan Park, Ambleside, Cumbria LA22 0HY
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Skelwith Fold

Holiday Home FAQ’s

Superb facilities, simple pleasures - all set in serene, forested surroundings

All your questions answered about purchasing a Luxury Caravan in the Lake District:

How much will it cost?

At Skelwith Fold, you could pay as little as £25,000 for a luxury caravan holiday home. Higher specification and new models are available at greater cost, up to around £80,000 – but even the most basic homes we offer provide superb quality standards and the promise of many years of carefree holiday enjoyment.

The pitch fee for 2017 is £3,775.00 and runs from 1st May to 30th April. In addition to pitch fees you will need to budget for rates: for 2016 these were £243.01 for the year. Insurance is typically charged at around £11.00 per £1,000 (inc. 6% insurance premium tax) but you’re welcome to shop around. Electricity is metered, and gas bottle exchange and delivery is available on-site.

What’s inside a caravan holiday home?

If you’ve not been inside one for some time, you could be in for a very pleasant surprise. Modern caravan holiday homes are superbly designed along the lines of a conventional house with two or three separate bedrooms – sometimes en-suite, a bathroom, spacious kitchen area and a roomy lounge.

They are supplied fully furnished and equipped to a very high standard. The kitchen will often come complete with fridge, freezer, cooker and microwave… bedrooms have built-in (or walk-in) wardrobes… and the bathroom will have cupboards, a toilet, a shower and sometimes a full-size bath.

Extra specifications such as central heating and double glazing are also available. These options are especially popular with purchasers as they allow the holiday home to be enjoyed in comfort in Spring and Autumn when the Lake District is often at its loveliest.

Other add-ons can include timber decking, allowing you to relax and perhaps eat outside whilst enjoying the panorama of the park.

Are static holiday homes well built?

Very much so. Almost all caravan holiday homes are made in Britain by one of around five leading manufacturers – all of which recognise that quality is the key to customer satisfaction. The standard of workmanship throughout the unit will be extremely high, and many traditional craftsman’s skills are used in the building process. Fittings, such as the carpeting, furnishings and kitchen equipment are all of excellent quality, and there will be a good level of insulation allowing the holiday home to warm up quickly when you arrive, and to stay snug with the help of thermostatically controlled heating.

When can I use a static holiday home?

Skelwith Fold is open from the 1st March to the last Sunday in November (inclusive) each year. During our nine-month season, you will be free to use your holiday home at any time. There is, of course, no need to tell us you are coming. Just turn up whenever you choose – perhaps even on an impulse whenever the mood or a sunny forecast makes it feel right!

How can I get the most out of my holiday home?

Although Skelwith Fold has holiday home owners from across the UK, we usually reckon that you’ll enjoy the best return from your investment by living no more than 2-3 hours from the park. In that way, your holiday retreat becomes easily accessible without having to face the prospect of a long journey. Having said that, Skelwith Fold is just a delightful half-hour’s journey from the M6 motorway – which puts cities such as Manchester and Newcastle within easy reach.

Can I rent out my holiday home?

No. The main reason is that we are anxious to maintain Skelwith Fold’s friendly and relaxed atmosphere, created largely by our community of owners who share a common pride in their surroundings. That isn’t to say that you can’t lend your holiday home to a family member or friend from time to time, but it should be principally for your own use.

Am I allowed to live in my holiday home?

No – not as your permanent residence. We are licensed as a holiday park, so you can only use your holiday home for leisure – and not residential – purposes. Some people, of course, do choose to spend extended periods at Skelwith Fold during the Summer, and we applaud their excellent judgement!

How are my interests as a buyer protected?

Skelwith Fold upholds all the codes of professional conduct and good practice set down by the British Holiday and Home Parks Association, the park industry’s official representative body. In fact, members of the Wild family (which owns Skelwith Fold) have been associated at a senior level with the organisation for many years, and helped lay the foundations for its policies of customer fair dealing, approved by consumer organisations.

When you buy a holiday home at Skelwith Fold, you will be provided with an officially approved written agreement which will help ensure peace of mind in the years ahead. Within the agreement will be the all-important assurance of tenure: the right, in other words, to occupy the holiday home pitch for a given period of time – which in this case is 14 years.

Other areas covered by the agreement include the frequency and level of increases in pitch fees for which at least three months’ notice is given.

We are particularly proud that the majority of holiday home owners at Skelwith Fold stay with us for many years (sometimes even decades!). The quality of the park has a big part to play, of course – but so too, we like to think, does the strong emphasis we put on maintaining excellent customer relations. As a prospective buyer or existing owner, you are always welcome to talk with us on any matter, and our aim will always be to provide an answer which will meet with your satisfaction.

Does Skelwith Fold have any official accreditation?

Yes. The park has a top five-star tourist board accreditation, designated as “Excellent”. The park industry’s grading scheme, which is applied across the UK by independent inspectors, measures the quality – and not the quantity – of the facilities provided by a park. Our classification means that standards at Skelwith Fold are officially rated as among the very best in Great Britain.

Are there any other independent guides to the park’s standing?

We were very pleased to have been awarded again in 2015/16 the David Bellamy Conservation Award at its top Gold level. This prestigious accolade was presented to us by Professor Bellamy (who has visited the park on a number of occasions) in recognition of our achievements in protecting and enhancing the natural environment.

A few years ago, in 2007, Skelwith Fold was the overall winner of the Best Park in England award, organised by the national tourist board VisitBritain. To achieve this prestigious accolade, we first had to come top in the Cumbria and then the North West finals before taking the all-England prize.

Where on the park will my holiday home be sited?

We will be pleased to show you our available pitches when you come to look around. The park’s magnificent grounds extend to around 130 acres, and our holiday homes are all neatly “pocketed” throughout the parkland in small groups with generous spacing between the units. This helps maintain a sense of privacy, and allows holiday home owners to enjoy an intimate closeness with the natural world around them.

How can I finance my holiday home purchase?

Many people at Skelwith Fold choose to buy their holiday home with a personal loan which can be spread over a preferred number of years. Most major banks, subject to an individual’s status, are prepared to make advances for caravan holiday homes, our preferred specialist lending partner is RoyScot Larch.

Are there any other costs to consider with owning a holiday home?

Skelwith Fold, like all holiday parks, charges an annual pitch fee which is presently £3,775.00 (for the 2017 season) and payable on the 1st May. In addition, you will need to budget for rates which, for 2016, are around £243.01 for the year. Insurance is typically charged at around £11.00 per £1000.00 of value. Electricity is metered, and gas bottle exchange and delivery is available on-site.

How can I find out if Skelwith Fold is for me?

There’s no substitute for coming along and taking a good look around the park, and inside some of our holiday homes. Don’t worry: there will be no sales pressure whatsoever, and we won’t insist on accompanying your every step. Feel free to wander anywhere in the grounds, and to experience the beauty and sense of peace which draws so many here. Just arrange your visit by calling the park on 015394 32277. Perhaps even try a stay in one of our Hideaways.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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