We are pleased to share with you that on the 28th May 2017, we will be welcoming the Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team to Skelwith Fold Caravan Park. from 10:00 – 15:00, the team will be educating our Guests as to the importance of their brave, volunteer only service, the equipment they use and the vehicles that carry them into extreme conditions. We will be visited by several members of the team and two service vehicles, which guests will be able to look around and ask questions about.

The team will be setting up near the Children’s Playground just before 10:00, and we hope this will be a brilliant opportunity to educate everyone about the the Mountain Rescue and raise some crucial funding for the charity. So come along and say hi, and find out about one of the Lake District’s most important organisations.

We also have collection boxes for the Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team in our reception at all times, all donations are appreciated. .


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