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Going on a caravan holiday soon? Well take a look at our infographic and make sure you don’t forget these! Especially if you’re heading to one of the great Lake District caravan parks.


Essential Items for your Caravan Holiday

Whether you are going on your first caravan holiday or your twenty first, it always pays to be prepared. Here is a survival kit of the most useful items that should be stowed away when it comes to packing


A torch is immediately invaluable when it comes to your holiday, especially when you need to navigate around the caravan site at night. If you have children joining you on your trip it is also useful for trip to the toilet block, that always seem to occur very late in the evening.


The staple of the holiday walk, a rucksack is a crucial item that can carry extra layers of clothing, water, and snacks if you plan on venturing out on a long walk in the countryside. In fact if you are going to visit any local amenities it means you can bring extra supplies with you, including coats if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

First aid kit

A first aid kit is preparing for every eventuality and ensures that the smallest injury is dealt with quickly, instead of getting worse while you can your family are supposed to be enjoying yourselves.

Hand sanitiser

In addition to the first aid kit, hand sanitiser is also extremely helpful when you are out on a holiday adventure with the family. It takes care of of sticky hands after lunch, without needing traditional water and soap that would be required at home.


Now unless you have visited a caravan sit for ten years in a row, you may not know the lay of the land as much as you think you do. That is why a map of the local area is not only useful for knowing your position, but also for discovering new routes and walks that you can take.

Clothes airer

If you plan on going on holiday for more than a week, a clothes airer (or washing line) will alleviate any issues when it comes to drying clothes, and saves you from attempting to hang wet socks off any surface available!

Cooler box

Planning a picnic on your caravan holiday? An insulated cooler box or bag is your answer to fresh dining on holiday. If it is particularly hot, this item will ensure that you can tuck into snacks that haven’t gone off or melted too dramatically.

Flip flops

Anyone who has visited a caravan park shower block can attest to the usefulness of lip flops, as they are perfect for walking there and back without much hassle at all. Not only do they give you an instant holiday feeling, but it means you don’t have to dry your feet afterwards.

Washing up bowl

If you are lucky enough to have a large sink and a decent waste supply, then this item might not be as essential, but for those who have to carry dishes back and forth from the site provided sink, it is vital.

Swing ball set

Like planting a flag at the top of mountain, a swing ball set outside your caravan is a sign you have conquered your pitch (for the length of your stay). As well as being a great holiday game to entertain children and adults alike, it is essential for bringing the family together.


If you have all of your essential item’s pack and ready to go, it might be time to hit the road. Remember that Skelwith Caravan Park opens on 1st March, so make sure you get your pitch booked as soon as possible over on our tariff page.

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