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Glamping Tent

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We have been a nation of campers since the early 1920’s, but it is only now that the activity has gone through a glamorous makeover. Luxury camping, or glamping, has seen an exceptional rise in popularity over the last few years. This could be attributed to more UK residents staying in the country when going on holiday, or even the popularity of Festivals like Glastonbury offering VIP camping experiences.

If you’re thinking it might involve leaky canvas and insects crawling on you in the middle of a forest, you couldn’t be more wrong. Glamping usually takes place inside a tent, pod, cabin, wigwam, tipi, yurt, lodge or even a treehouse, where the interior is decked out in the same style as a city apartment. Have a look below as we trace the various ways you can go glamping, including our very own Hideaways which are available to book throughout the year.


Hideaway Glamping in the Lake District at Skelwith Fold Caravan Park

Image from Skelwith Fold

Another form of glamping is using a cabin called a Hideaway. The structure itself is derived from birdwatching, and the features inside have been inspired by what you may find in a capsule hotel, which maximises a smaller space in an extremely effective way. This means that a bedroom, lounge, bathroom and kitchen are all cunningly concealed inside.

The idea of a Hideaway is great for couples wanting to experience all the fun of camping, but all the comforts of home. Set within Skelwith Fold’s beautiful caravan park in the Lake District, it’s perfect for those wanting to experience a glamping holiday. Since there are three Hideaways in close proximity, it means that there is space for six people, who can also make the most of a communal BBQ area in the middle of the plot. Think warm summer days, tasty food, sipping gin and tonic with great company.

Wigwams and Tipis

Glamping in Wigwams and Tipis

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Of course, the casual exploit of camping that we see today has been a way of life for certain societies over the course of history. In the case of the Native American, living under canvas was a much more permanent living arrangement, with many tribes utilising wigwams and tipis to house whole communities of people. Little did they know that hundreds of years later, their form of housing would be used as part of a glamorous holiday for UK residents.

Cabins and Lodges

Glamping in cabins and lodges

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Glamping can also take place without canvas, and the choice of using a structure such as a log cabin or lodge will mean you have much more opportunity to indulge in a glamorous holiday, especially with the addition of a hot tub or other luxury item. The structures themselves have historical roots in Europe, more specifically in Scandinavia, where they were also used as permanent abodes. Some of the first European settlers in the United States built log cabins as early as the seventeenth century. They used the same technique of interlocking horizontal logs joined at each corner.


Enjoy a glamping holiday in the Lake District at Skelwith Fold

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As long as you don’t have a fear of heights, glamping can also take place in a treehouse. It is essentially a log cabin suspended by trees, or even just constructed within a woodland off the ground. This dwelling has been derived from treehouses constructed in tropical habitats such as jungles, elevated to keep the dweller away from dangerous animals or even other tribes.

For a glamping holiday with an injection of style, you can’t get better than a Holiday Hideaway at Skelwith Fold Caravan Park. To check availability, tariffs and for any other enquiries, get in touch today.


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