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Along with relaxing or going on a new adventure, if you want to get back to nature whilst on your Skelwith Fold holiday, the perfect place to do it is the Lake District.

Beautiful Lake District Views

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Among the picturesque fells, beautiful lakes and winding woodland, you can find all kinds of wildlife to spot, including birds, red squirrels, deer, and otters among many others. Below we have listed just some of the animals you can spot, along with the best locations to see them in.


Enjoy birdspotting whilst staying at Skelwith Fold Caravan Park

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Locations: Farmland and Lakes (such as Windermere, Coniston, Grasmere)

Bird spotting is a huge pastime in the Lakes, with many dedicated societies monitoring and protecting the bird population of the area, including the Cumbria Bird Club. Residents often find that thousands of migratory birds will descend on Windermere during the winter, settling in after flying from eastern Europe.

Normally you will see a huge amount of geese and ducks around the major lakes, including Windermere, Coniston and Grasmere. Whether it is the Canada Goose, the Mallard Duck or even a Swan, you will be able to see them all year round. If you’re lucky, you may also catch a glimpse of a Skylark (pictured), Osprey or Hawfinch.

Red Squirrels

Spot a Red squirrel around Skelwith Fold Caravan Park

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Locations: Whinlatter Forest Park in Keswick, National Trust Allan Bank in Grasmere

Red squirrels are now thriving in certain conservation spots in the UK, although it wasn’t so long ago they were on a dangerous decline. But thankfully, they can now be viewed in many woodland areas around the Lake District in their natural habitat.

There are a few reserves that cater especially for Red Squirrels, as well as other wildlife that are abundant in the area. Two of note are the Whinlatter Forest Park in Keswick and Allan Bank in Grasmere, operated by the National Trust.

Red Deer

Spot some Red Deer at Grizedale Forest in Hawkshead

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Location: Martindale Estate, Grizedale Forest

A bit easier to spot given their size, Red Deer can still be seen in the Lake District, especially in reserves and amongst thickly wooded areas. As much as it is called the Red Deer though, it’s coat does tend to change to a grey-brown shade in winter.

The best place to spot them out in the open is the Martindale Estate, the home of the oldest deer reserve in the UK. Alternatively, you can find several woodland herds in Grizedale Forest.


Image from Wikipedia. Otters. Wildlife spotting in the Lakes.

Spot some otters at Derwentwater, Lake District

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Location: Derwentwater, Brassenthwaite Lake

Much harder wildlife to spot is the Otter, especially as they are semiaquatic and can slink off into the water at a moment’s notice. But when you do catch them in their natural habitat, the sight can be quite mesmerising, as they pop out of the water for a sniff of the crisp air.

The National Trust recommends a spot called Surprise View, which overlooks both Derwentwater and Brassenthwaite Lake. This is certainly wise as you would have to view Otters from a distance to not startle them, but you may need binoculars to get a clear view.


To see all of these astounding animals with your own eyes, make sure you check our touring availability and book in today at Skelwith Fold.

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