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One of the best things about staying at Skelwith Fold on holiday is the beautiful Lake District scenery, which is bound to impress and astound you in equal measure. But whilst you’re there, you might want to try looking a bit closer at the landscape, so close in fact that you can see the various species of wildflower that make up all the colours of the countryside.


Image from Pixabay

So why not head out and explore the unique pathways and winding trails that get you that bit closer to nature. Remember, it’s worth making the most of every detail while you’re there, especially if you have travelled a long distance for your caravan or motorhome holiday. Below we’ve listed a few species of wildflower to spot on a walk, particularly useful to keep little ones entertained, and to do a bit of spotting yourself!



Nature Spotting whilst staying at Skelwith Fold Caravan Park: Daffodils

Image from Wikipedia

Location: Ullswater
Time: March-April

Given that the daffodil crops up in Wordsworth’s most famous poem, ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’, you could say that it is synonymous with the natural beauty of the Lake District. Being a spring flower it is also one that visitors can see early on in the year in full bloom. Despite not being particularly rare in the UK, those wanting to capture the full Lakes experience are advised to go and see the Daffodils on the shoreline of Ullswater, as that was where Wordsworth took his original inspiration.



Nature Spotting whilst staying at Skelwith Fold Caravan Park: Bluebells

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Location: Grasmere, Kendal
Time: April-May

To discover an enchanting sea of bluebells on your next Lake District holiday, you might want to consider heading over to Grasmere. More specifically, if you head over to Baneriggs Wood or Dorothy Farrer’s Spring Wood near Kendal, you’re bound to see these delicate wildflowers in bloom, and an excellent photo opportunity too.



Nature Spotting whilst staying at Skelwith Fold Caravan Park: Daffodils

Image from Pixabay

Location: Grizedale Forest or other woodlands
Time: Jan-Feb

Easier to see at the very start of the year, but also visible in the spring, Snowdrops are another stunning wildflower that are fun to spot when on walks through Lake District woodland. The closest and best spot to check out is Grizedale Forest, where you should find plenty of white snowdrops growing wild under the trees.



Nature Spotting whilst staying at Skelwith Fold Caravan Park: Orchids

Image from Pixabay

Location: Latterbarrow Nature Reserve
Time: April-July

There are over 27 species of Orchid growing wild in Cumbria, mostly in and around forest areas or roadside verges. These wild purple flowers add another interesting colour into the palette of the Lake District landscape and are fun to spot on any walk. But for an undisturbed look at some wild orchids, visit Latterbarrow Nature Reserve where you will find the Early Purple Orchid, Greater Butterfly Orchid and Fragrant Orchid all at once.

Seen any colourful wildflowers out and about in the Lake District? Feel free to post any pictures on our Facebook page and let us know if you see any other wildflowers whilst on your Skelwith holiday.

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