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Unfortunately we will not be hosting a bonfire and fireworks event this year at Skelwith Fold. It is not without having considered and risk assessed it for a long time and how we could organise it in a socially distanced manner that would be safe for all customers AND staff. Other considerations such as insurance requirements also became a factor in the decision making process.

The fact is we would have to break our own rules on keeping work teams separated during the build process and running of such an event as well as the inherent risk of organising a gathering of many people in a set space while infection figures are reported to be on a steep rise. Quite simply, we don’t want to take the risk.

Given that our service standards mention SAFETY as the very first item to consider in everything we do it was the only sensible decision we could make.

We look forward to next year where we hope the risks will have diminished and we can press on with organising an amazing event where we can all get together.

Thank you for your understanding.

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