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  1. The speed limit within the park is 8.5 m.p.h. and must be strictly observed in the interests of safety of other park users. Only holders of a current Driving Licence and Insurance are permitted to drive any vehicle within the park. The use of petrol or battery powered scooters is strictly prohibited.
  2. Motor vehicles are permitted on the Park at the rate of one per caravan. Additional vehicles are allowed to park at the discretion of the Park Owners and must be parked as and where directed.  Commercial vehicles are allowed only with the prior consent of the Park Owners and must be parked as directed.
  3. A fire extinguisher, standard approved by the Fire Officers Committee and to British Standard Specification, must be provided in each caravan in a prominent position and maintained in a viable working condition.
  4. The burning of wood, garden waste or any other open fire including the use of chimineas and fire pits is strictly forbidden.
  5. Dogs and domestic pets are allowed on the park with prior consent of the Park Owners, providing they are kept under control, are not a nuisance or danger, they are not left unattended in caravans and are kept on a short lead when outside the caravan. Dogs are not allowed in the children’s play area, the office, shop or the toilets and must not be permitted to range freely in the woodland areas. All “accidents” must be cleared up in order to safeguard public health. Dogs and cats belonging to visitors, are not allowed on the park.
  6. In the interest of safety washing lines are not permitted, washing should be hung on approved window bracket frames located only on the entrance door side of the caravan. Washing must not be dried outside at weekends or Bank Holidays.
  7. The space underneath each caravan and the immediate vicinity must be kept clean, tidy and free of domestic chattels. Boats may not be kept at caravans but small canoes and similar may be stowed under caravans or within awnings.
  8. The topping, pruning or felling of any tree or shrub is not permitted for any reason; where and when necessary, any ‘surgery’ will be carried out only by the park employees.
  9. The land around the Park is private and farmed; all patrons of the Park and their visitors must not trespass on adjoining land for any purpose whatsoever. Please observe the Country Code.
  10. The privacy, convenience and enjoyment of other caravan owners must be respected. Between the hours of 10 pm and 8.30 am noise disturbance for any reason must be kept to a minimum.
  11. Radios, televisions, record players and musical instruments must not be operated in a manner likely to cause annoyance to others.
  12. Hiring out of the caravan is not permitted. This means that the use of any caravan is restricted to the owner, his immediate family and his bona-fide guests. For security reasons, when anyone other than the owner is using a caravan, the Park Owners must be informed in advance, of the name and address of all persons who will occupy the caravan.
  13. Guns, firearms or weapons of any type are not allowed on the Park, and the pursuit of game or setting traps is prohibited.
  14. Refuse for disposal should be contained in a bag and placed in the nearest available Eurobin. Objects such as bicycles, fridges, bedding or anything bulky are not accepted by our refuse contractors and it is your responsibility to remove such items from the park. In no circumstances should refuse bags be left on the ground, it attracts the attention of dogs, cats and vermin: and also looks unsightly. For their safety! Do not send young children to use the refuse bins. Please make use of the re-cycling bins where appropriate.
  15. The water, electricity and gas supplies to your caravan should be turned off whenever the caravan is left unattended. No responsibility will be accepted by the Park Owners, for any accident, leakage or damage which may arise as a result of the connections to the site services and which is not our fault.  Caravan owners are responsible for the frost damage protection in respect of their caravans.
  16. The electricity supply is limited to approximately 16 amps. If the service is overloaded causing the circuit breaker to trip, a call out and re-connection fee of £ 5.00 will be charged. Stakes or ground anchors must not be driven in to the ground without first consulting the Park Owners.  Serious damage could be caused to the services and maybe to yourselves.
  17. Bottled gas supplies should be ordered and paid for before 3pm on any day and (if eligible for delivery) will be delivered before 5 pm. All deliveries requested out of these hours will be subject to a price surcharge in accordance with the price schedule we publish from time to time. It is recommended that caravans should be equipped with an extra cylinder to avoid running short of gas.
  18. A dedicated children’s play area is provided and the open field behind the Beckmire area is available for ball games. In order to avoid disturbance to others and the possibility of accidents, ball games are not allowed within the caravan areas. The play areas are unsupervised and must not be used after sunset: young children should at all times be under the control and supervision of a responsible adult.
  19. In the interests of security and safety, all persons visiting the park by invitation of caravan owners or guests for the purposes of trade, buying or selling, repair, deliveries or other work must first report to the office providing paperwork detailing scope of work, health and safety policy statement, public liability and indemnity insurance certificates, risk assessments and method statements. We have the right to refuse entry or stop work if these needs are not met. Argos delivery vehicles are not permitted on the park for any reason.

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