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Oh no, you’ve found a dead end! Time to turn your caravan around.

First you may need to reverse in a straight line. Take your time and make sure your vehicle and the caravan are always straight. If the caravan starts to get bigger in one wing mirror, very slightly turn the steering wheel in the same direction to correct your course. Once you have found a side road or entry, follow these steps:

  1. Position your vehicle perpendicular to a side road or entry with the back wheels slightly past the edge of the road
  2. Turn your steering wheel fully in the opposite direction
  3. Start to reverse, and move the steering wheel back to straight
  4. Keep checking the position of your caravan so it doesn’t jack-knife. Take your time and try not to oversteer
  5. Once your vehicle is mostly down the side road or entry, turn your steering wheel gradually in the opposite direction to point 2, whilst still reversing to straighten up
  6. Don’t be afraid to pull forward if the position of your caravan needs correcting
  7. When you’re ready, drive on!

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